Kirimian was born in the centre of Eurasia, Azerbaijan, in 1951. He's lived in Spain for more than 30 years.  
The stationary universe with it's unseen structures, it does not expand and there was no explosion (The Big Bang). Those that are expanding and moving away from each other, they are the galaxies and these movements make us think that the universe is expanding.

Myriad black holes of varying sizes dot our universe. They each follow their own purposes and paths... and, abiding by the laws of physics and the natural order, each obeys the rest.


Time leaves space an orphan in the end. The remaining light forms a shoreless tear. They are caressing our dreams... Tomorrow, no windows will exist to open wide and flood us with light.

Karimian believes that the universe is an island amid a vast sea of ​​dark energy, governed by the laws of two complementary geometries.
Carlos Karimian